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August 10

Source: Al Rai (Government-friendly, Jordanian daily enjoys wide circulation)
Headline: European Union Calls for Immediate Ceasefire in Darfur

  • European Union praised Arusha agreement and said it was a critical step toward upcoming peace talks between rebels and Sudanese government
  • EU warned it would support “measures” against any party that hinders peace
  • It called for immediate ceasefire by all involved parties
  • It also said allowing humanitarian groups access must be granted
  • EU is ready to assist AU-UN force

Meanwhile, the Sudanese government announced it would release Ismail Jamous when the peace talks start

Source: Al Khaleej (UAE daily, with over 80,000 in circulation)
Headline: Inter-Tribal Fighting and South Darfur Governor Urges Communist Party Leader to Convince Abdul Wahid Nour to Join Peace Talks

  • 5 people from Torjam Tribe were killed by Abala tribe in an area 5 kilometers outside Niyala city
  • Minister of the interior announced that Sulaiman Jamous would be released when peace talks with rebels and government start
  • Governor of South Darfur urged communist party leader Mohamed Ibrahim Naqd to convince Abdul Wahid Nour to join peace negotiation
  • Naqd said he would call on political parties to hold meeting on Darfur in the Darfur region

Source: Al Jazeera (Leading Arabic News Channel, headquartered in Qatar)
Headline: Jan Pronk: United Nations Gave in to Sudan on Darfur Resolution

Former head of UN mission to Sudan – Jan Pronk - accused UN negotiators of giving in to Sudan over joint troop deployment in Darfur.  He said:

  • This capitulation weakens the hybrid AU-UN force
  • It enshrines 2006 peace deal which was rejected by most rebel groups
  • The negotiators were “amateurs” playing to Western audience
  • The force would be paralyzed without strong leadership
  • The Sudanese government was successful in watering down the resolution
  • But he also conceded that anything is better than just talking and not doing anything

Source: Asharq Al Awsat (Saudi-owned Pan-Arab daily with wide circulation)
Headline: Egyptian Police Searches for Four Sudanese in Sinai
By: Yousra Mohamed

  • Egyptian police is in the look out for 4 Sudanese people in northern Sinai suspected of human smuggling across Egyptian borders
  • The suspects are thought to be coordinating with Sudanese suspects inside Israel
  • Egyptian police arrested 224 Sudanese and African illegal immigrants in the month of July
  • A Sudanese citizen with his hands and legs tied was found dead near a village police station in northern Sinai

Source: Al Hayat (Saudi-owned Pan-Arab daily with wide circulation)
Headline: Silva Kiir Welcomes Darfur Rebels and Khartoum Willing to Release Jamous
By: Annour Ahmed Annour

First Vice President and Southern Sudan Leader, Silva Kiir, welcomed rebel leaders after their Arusha meeting:

  • He said Darfur crisis must be resolved politically and not militarily
  • He urged the rebels to focus on their cause and not their personal ambitions


  • Government in Sudan said it was willing to release Sulaiman Jamous when peace negotiations start
  • Jan Eliasson went to refugee camps to inspect the situation on the ground
  • South Darfur governor complained to Eliasson about attacks on Adila by Justice and Equality rebels

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