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August 30

Source: Addustour (Government-friendly, Jordanian daily enjoys wide circulation)
Headline: Khartoum Rejects Ban Ki-Moon Accusations and USA Calls on Sudan to Cooperate fully with Hybrid Force

  • During rare direct talks between American and Sudanese governments, American officials called on Sudan to “fully cooperate” with hybrid force deployment in Darfur
  • British parliament members insisted that AU – UN members of Darfur hybrid force must defend themselves if they came under attack from armed groups
  • Meanwhile, Sudanese government rejected UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s statements regarding recent violence in Darfur
  • Sudanese foreign ministry spokesperson Ali Al Sadig said “these accusations are false and are based on fabricated reports by parties that have political agendas” and added that “Sudanese army had no operations in Darfur and that his government is eager for peace”

Source: Al Khaleej (UAE daily, with over 80,000 in circulation)
Headline: Salim Ahmed Salim: Al Bashir Flexible regarding Darfur Negotiations

  • Sudanese ministry of foreign affairs said that deployment of 3000 European Union - United Nations troops in Chad and the republic of Central Africa to protect refugees and protect aid supplies is an internal affair for both countries that does not concern Sudan
  • AU envoy Salim Ahmed Salim said that Darfur refugees were concerned with security in refugee camps, compensations, disarmament of militia groups, and return to their homes when he met with them during his last visit
  • Salim also added that President Omar Al Bashir was flexible regarding the time and place of peace negotiations
  • Meanwhile Sudan accepted the nomination of Pakistani Ambassador Ashraf Qadhi as a UN envoy to Sudan to replace Jan Pronk who was expelled last year
  • Sudan also rejected UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s statements regarding violence in Darfur as false and based on fabricated and politically-motivated reports

Source: Asharq Al Awsat (Saudi-owned Pan-Arab daily with wide circulation)
Headline: Sudan Receives Hybrid Force Deployment Plan
By: Mustapha Sirri

  • Rudolph Adada – head of AU – UN hybrid force - said he gave Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Lam Akul a deployment plan for the hybrid force including lodging, airports, and transportation of equipment and water
  • Presidents of Sudan and the Republic of Central African agreed to put in motion previously signed agreements that include securing their common borders and increasing military cooperation
  • Meanwhile, Justice and Equality movement called for an urgent meeting with other rebel groups, refugee and civil society representatives to consult over peace agenda with the government in October
  • At the same time, Ahmed Abdul Shafi, head of Sudan Liberation Movement factions, denied the existence of arrangements to hold separate talks with the government

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