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30 Dissertation Topics on Marketing: Fresh Research Ideas

The quality of the marketing dissertation you produce reflects on the grade you’ll also get. It means that your choice of topic mainly influences your writing and your grade. Your written work reflects your knowledge and understanding of the chosen topic. Therefore, marketing students should pay more attention to their choice of topic. Your marketing dissertation should be focused on a topic you understand correctly. During the writing process, you must evaluate and analyze from your perspective. Developing unique ideas that inform your dissertation is challenging without an interest in your chosen area. Given that, the first step to writing…

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Guide to Dissertation Proposal Writing for a Strong Research

As a postgraduate or undergraduate student, it is more likely than not that you will write a dissertation proposal before starting your dissertation. This is usually an overwhelming experience for many students because of the dissertation’s workload. Even before you get help with dissertation proposals, you must first understand what this form of writing is about. This piece explains dissertation proposals and provides a step-by-step guide on writing a dissertation proposal. What is a dissertation proposal? The dissertation proposal is a formal document that communicates in a concise format what you intend to research. It’s where you put everything going…

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