How to Choose a Dissertation Topic That Stands Out

How to Choose a Dissertation Topic That Stands Out

A postgraduate dissertation is a demanding undertaking. Whether pursuing a master’s or a Ph.D., you’ll be required to write an original idea. This idea must make a significant contribution to academia. So, “what is a research worthy topic for dissertation?” is a common question for prospective dissertation writers.

The first hurdle in the dissertation procedure is choosing a dissertation topic or how to choose a dissertation topic. This usually demands many considerations, such as how much research has been conducted on the topic and whether it is worthy of further investigation. It also involves asking how unique it would be and if the topic has been explored or is vital to the field. At times, how to come up with a dissertation topic can be a difficult thing.

How to develop a dissertation topic

High-quality dissertation topics are the result of extensive research and due deliberation. The following approach will help jumpstart your thought process and highlight the necessary steps to develop a worthy dissertation topic.

Here are some tips on how to find a dissertation topic:

  1. Opt for interest over speed

You should always know that finishing your dissertation project will take weeks or months. It is, therefore, critical to choose a dissertation topic that can sustain your interests over that period. Keep in mind that if you are genuinely enthusiastic about a subject, motivating yourself will be much easier when the going gets tough.

Many instructors and professors recommend checking out a few examples of dissertation topics in your faculty library. This is to identify a pattern for selecting a topic that can help your career. This will also help you understand your field of interest deeply.

  1. Choose a unique topic

It is critical to find an exceptional case for your dissertation. Why? Because you will be required to conclude at the end of your study! If you identify a unique area of research, which is not always easy, be sure to make the most of it.

However, if you come across already explored/answered topics for dissertation, you have to approach it in a new way. You can also generate a new idea from a subject that has not been thoroughly researched.

  1. Narrow down, then evaluate

Once you’ve decided on a research topic, you must narrow it down into a case study question or statement. The earlier you accomplish this, the more time you will save to be able to conduct a more centered study.

Here are some common factors on how to narrow down when choosing a dissertation topic:

  • Demographic characteristics (age, occupation, ethnic group, gender, etc.)
  • Pertinent issues
  • Geographical area
  • Timeline
  • Causes

Consider the following questions when constructing your research question: who, what, when, where, why, and how. The more of these questions you involve when searching for a topic for a dissertation, the more distinctive the topic will be.

  1. Don’t limit yourself

We encourage you to be up to standard in ensuring your dissertation meets the school’s word limit. If your topic is too restrictive, you might struggle to broaden the extent of your opinions to reach better conclusions. As you compose your proposal in one line, ensure your research question cannot be answered with a simple yes or no.

  1. Carry out your investigation on the topic

The ideal thing to do is research your topic to ensure that you’re on the right track. You need to know that the topic is best suited for you.

You should also be mindful of time. Check (and recheck) submission dates to determine how much time you have to study the subjects that appeal to you. Doing this will help you understand and expand your theories and determine your position.


Choosing dissertation topics is one vital decision that can make or mar your dissertation journey. Consider taking a step back from the topic and picture it from the reader’s point of view. This ensures that you’re not writing about an irrelevant topic but an idea you can confidently and logically argue.

You’ll get far more out of the experience if you concentrate your energy on something you’re passionate about. Your dissertation will definitely contribute to your personal goals and your academic field. This makes every ounce of effort you put into carefully choosing a topic worth it.

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