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December 3, 2022

Source: Al Riyadh (Government-friendly Saudi daily with wide circulation)
Headline: Ban Ki-Moon Despondent Because of Sudan’s Stalling Tactics

  • UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said he felt “defeated” because of Sudan’s stalling tactics which could delay Darfur hybrid force deployment
  • He added that he was in contact “with AU leader Alpha Omar Conary to move things along” and would call President Al Bashir to discuss his “frustration” with the slow progress
  • Among the unresolved issues between Sudan and the United Nations, Ki-Moon listed nationalities of hybrid force, land to build force facilities, helicopter flights including at night
  • In July UN Security Council adopted a resolution calling for deployment of 26,000 AU – UN peacekeeping troops in Darfur to replace poorly-equipped AU force

Source: Al Khaleej (UAE daily, with over 80,000 in circulation)
Headline: Paris Backs Sending EUFOR Troops and Chadian Rebels Declare War on French and Foreign Troops

  • After three days of clashes with Chadian army, Chadian rebel groups declared they were “at war” with French army and “any other foreign forces”
  • Union of Forces for Democracy and development condemned French planes’ flight over areas it controls near Sudanese border
  • “Foreign Forces” was interpreted as a reference to EUFOR force of 3,500 European troops to be deployed in eastern Chad near the border with Sudan and north of Central African Republic
  • Despite the threat, French President Nicholas Sarkozy indicated EUFOR would be deployed as planned

Source: Al Jazeera (Leading Arabic News Channel, headquartered in Qatar)
Headline: Darfur Hybrid Force Leader Warns against Logistical Obstacles and Calls for Helicopters

  • Rudolph Adada called on international community to provide helicopters to facilitate Darfur hybrid force deployment
  • He explained that lack of helicopters would delay force deployment and hamper its mission
  • Adada acknowledged existence of “complications” but added that consultations were ongoing to resolve them
  • Adada’s statements come at the heels of similar comments by Jean Marie Guehenno, UN official, who blamed Sudanese government of putting administrative obstacles to delay the hybrid force deployment

Source: Okaz (Saudi-owned daily with strong circulation)
Headline: Sudan’s Neighbors to Discuss Situation in Darfur on Monday
By: Rabii Shaheen

  • Ministers of foreign affairs of Sudan’s four neighbors – Chad, Egypt, Eritrea, and Libya, to meet with AU and UN envoys in Sharm Al Sheik in Egypt on Monday to discuss peace progress in Darfur
  • Egyptian diplomatic sources said the meeting would make a comprehensive assessment of peace negotiations between Khartoum government and Darfur rebel groups
  • The meeting would also discuss efforts to convince rebel groups that did not attend Libya peace talks to join the peace process

Source: Al Riyadh (Government-friendly Saudi daily with wide circulation)
Headline: Sudan Denies Involvement in Clashes in Eastern Chad

  • Sudanese armed forces denied N’Djamena’s charges that “it was behind the fighting in its eastern region”
  • Sudanese army spokesperson indicated that “Sudan supports stability and security in Chad,” and added that “what is taking place in the eastern region is a Chadian internal matter”
  • Chad has complained that “Sudan supports Chadian rebels” and called in Sudanese ambassador two times to protest “Sudan’s assault on Chad using Chadian rebels”

Source: Al Khaleej (UAE daily, with over 80,000 in circulation)
Headline: South Darfur Governor Criticized UN Official’s Statements Regarding Deterioration of Security in Darfur

  • South Darfur government criticized John Holmes’ statements about deteriorating security situation in Darfur
  • He added that humanitarian aid workers can reach any region in Darfur
  • Holmes met the governor during his visit to Darfur and agreed “the two sides need to increase mutual trust between the local Sudanese authorities and international aid organizations”
  • Many international humanitarian organizations complained to Holmes about increased attacks in Darfur in the past four months making their work unsafe

Source: Al Hayat (Saudi-owned Pan-Arab daily with wide circulation)
Headline: Hybrid Force Leader Warns of Increasing Violence if Force Deployment Were Delayed
By: Annour Ahmed Annour

  • After visiting North and South Darfur, John Holmes indicated that “stability in the region is uneven.  For, while certain parts have seen some security improvement; others experienced an increase in violence”
  • He was particularly concerned about the situation inside refugee camps, especially Kalima.  He added “there might be weapons inside the camp” and called on South Darfur government to work with AU and UN officials to address the issue of guns in order to avoid armed clashes inside the camp
  • Hybrid force leader Martin Luther warned that failure to deploy the hybrid force would lead to violence.  He preferred the deployment of some of the peacekeeping troops to waiting for the complete force because he feared people might lose faith in the peacekeeping mission
  • Meanwhile, government official Othman Nafi Ahmed rejected accusations Khartoum was responsible for delaying the force deployment and blamed the international community instead

Source: Al Hayat (Saudi-owned Pan-Arab daily with wide circulation)
Headline: British Teacher to Benefit from Presidential Pardon

  • Many expect the British teacher, who is accused of “disrespecting Islam,” to receive a presidential pardon
  • President Al Bashir was expected to meet with two British Muslim lawmakers who arrived in Khartoum to intercede on behalf of the teacher
  • Sudanese government was said to be treading carefully after it failed to rally Muslim support with these accusations against the teacher.  “It wants to be seen as favoring the British Muslim lawmakers and not succumbing to foreign pressure”
  • Meanwhile, the jailed teacher issued a statement through her lawyers saying she was “being treated well” and thanked the British government for “its efforts to get her released”

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