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March 13, 2023

Source: Al Ahram (government-friendly, Egyptian daily with over 1 million in circulation)
Headline: Al Bashir Says Arab League Efforts in Darfur Did not Fail
By: Thabit Amin Awwad

  • Sudan’s President Omar Al Bashir said, at the end of a state visit to UAE, that he did not believe Arab league efforts in Darfur failed but still ongoing
  • Al Bashir warned about the dangers of Zionist lobbying groups that sow the seeds of division and conflict in the Arab world, including Sudan
  • He described his country as a bridge between the Arab world and Africa and warned that these organizations want to destroy this bridge
  • One of the ways these organizations are affecting his country, he said, was through exaggerating events and numbers of victims in Darfur in an attempt to destabilize Sudan

Source: Al Jazeera (Leading Arabic News Channel, headquartered in Qatar)
Headline: Russia Calls for Sanctions against Darfur Rebel Groups at UN Security Council

  • Russia, which presides over UN Security Council, called for sanctions against Darfur rebels that continue to reject peace plans and agreements to stabilize the region
  • Russian UN representative Vitali Churkin expressed deep concern over resumption of fighting in the war-torn region while other members called for speedy deployment of hybrid force
  • UN Secretary General Deputy Edmond Mulet said that hybrid force deployment remained below the required level and urged member countries to provide transport and tactical helicopters to the force
  • Up to now, he said, only Ethiopia pledged 4 tactical helicopters out of the needed 24 transport and tactical helicopters

Source: Asharq Al Awsat (Saudi-owned Pan-Arab daily with wide circulation)
Headline: Washington Adds Syria and Sudan to List of Human Rights Abusers

  • US added Sudan, Syria, and Uzbekistan to the list of the worst human rights violators in an annual report it released Tuesday
  • Sudan received harsh criticism for “extrajudicial killings, torture,  beatings, rape by government security forces and their proxy militia in Darfur”

Source: Al Hayat (Saudi-owned Pan-Arab daily with wide circulation)
Headline: Al Bashir Plays Down Expectations of Possible Peace Agreement with Chad
By: Dalal Abu Ghazalah

  • Sudan’s President Omar Al Bashir played down impact of possible peace agreement between Chad and Sudan in reducing hostilities between the two countries
  • He accused Chad’s President Idriss Deby of signing then ignoring many peace agreements including last year’s agreement in Saudi Arabia
  • Al Bashir told journalists that his main focus was to “work on stability in his country and keeping it united”
  • Senegalese President Abdulaye Wade announced recently that he would broker a peace agreement between the two country during the Islamic Organization Conference to be held in his country


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