30 Dissertation Topics on Marketing: Fresh Research Ideas

30 Dissertation Topics on Marketing: Fresh Research Ideas

The quality of the marketing dissertation you produce reflects on the grade you’ll also get. It means that your choice of topic mainly influences your writing and your grade. Your written work reflects your knowledge and understanding of the chosen topic. Therefore, marketing students should pay more attention to their choice of topic.

Your marketing dissertation should be focused on a topic you understand correctly. During the writing process, you must evaluate and analyze from your perspective. Developing unique ideas that inform your dissertation is challenging without an interest in your chosen area.

Given that, the first step to writing an impressive marketing dissertation starts with your topic. Many students have issues selecting the best topic to serve their interests. This article shares essential writing tips and also marketing dissertation ideas to serve as a guide.

Easy tips for your marketing dissertation

Here are 5 helpful tips to make your marketing dissertation writing easier.

  1. Choose a good topic

The entirety of your work is based on your topic. The first important tip is selecting a top you can write on. Writing marketing dissertations involves a lot of work; the burden is reduced when you are working on something you’re interested in.

  1. Conduct research

Part of every writing process involves research, including your marketing dissertation. Conduct extensive research to develop research problems, questions, and objectives that guide your writing process. Having a topic is not enough; without research, it’s impossible to write an impressive dissertation.

  1. Follow the dissertation writing structure

There are recommended structures every dissertation must follow. Ensure you use the format while writing yours.

  1. Seek help & advice

Seeking help and advice is always recommended for students writing their dissertations. Reach out to supervisors for advice, your colleagues, or even any other marketing dissertation help if need be.

  1. Proofread & edit

During your writing process, proofread and edit your work regularly before it reaches the final stage. Edit previous points, rephrase, and attach new ones to your dissertation. Correct grammatical and spelling errors that affect the flow of your work.

Dissertation marketing topics list for PhD students

Below are some marketing topic ideas to help you choose topics for your dissertation.

Best dissertation topics on marketing

  1. A critical evaluation of the growth of mobile marketing
  2. A study of modern marketing ethics
  3. A study of the marketing 4Ps(Price, Product, Promotion, Place)
  4. How quality impacts the increase of cost price of products
  5. A study of the loyalty schemes small businesses use to attract long-term customers
  6. A study of relationship marketing and how it influences customer attraction on the internet

Digital marketing dissertation topics

  1. A study on how digital ads convert to leads for business owners
  2. A critical evaluation of how social media engagements impacts customer retention for small and large-scale businesses
  3. Evaluation of the possible impacts of pop-up advertisements
  4. The growth of celebrity and influencer marketing and how it improves the sales of goods
  5. Evaluating the role of the internet and how it influences consumer behavior
  6. A critical study of the ethical and moral limitations of recent digital marketing strategies

Fashion marketing dissertation topics

  1. The challenges faced with branding and marketing in the luxury fashion range
  2. The ethical and moral limitations surrounding fast fashion production
  3. A study of how social media influences fashion perception and marketing
  4. Studying the adverse effects of fast fashion marketing on social media platforms
  5. The impact of fast fashion marketing on green consumers
  6. How social trends influence fashion marketing within an area

Interesting marketing topics for dissertation

  1. The impacts of the use of artificial intelligence in the fashion industry
  2. How a change in consumer behavior influences marketing trends
  3. The growing impact of individual marketing on internet marketing for brands
  4. Influencer marketing and how it’s restructured the face of marketing in the 21st century
  5. An exploration of how social videos influence marketing faster than images
  6. A study of the future of social media marketing across the fashion industry

Social media marketing dissertation topics

  1. A critical evaluation of the benefits of social media marketing
  2. Social media marketing and its effect on consumerism
  3. Accessing the growth of brand promotion through social media marketing
  4. Social media marketing and its lasting effect on advertisement agencies
  5. A comparative study of social media and advertisement marketing
  6. Increase in social media apps and how it affects marketing


Writing a marketing dissertation might seem challenging, but the right topic reduces the weight. However, if navigating is too tricky, always ask for marketing dissertation help.

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