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May 8-10: "Towards a regional coalition to save Darfur"

As a result of a responsible initiative taken by the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists, in Cairo, a regional workshop was held, from 8 – 10 May, 2008. The workshop was entitled "Towards a regional coalition to save Darfur."  Representatives from civil society and human rights organizations from eleven countries attended the workshops; they are: Sudan, Jordan, Bahrain, Algeria, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Mauritania, Kuwait and Egypt; in addition to the participation of a number of experts and media personalities that are interested in Sudan in general and Darfur in particular. 

The main papers presented gave a general overview of the historical background of Darfur and current issues. Some of those issues took the participants by surprise when armed forces of the Justice and Equality Movement entered the City of Um Durman and instigated fights. Those fights will add fuel to fire and will widen the circle of violence in Sudan.  The evaluation of the role of civil society, media and governments, in the respective Arab countries has been discussed.  The nature of responses were also analyzed in addition to misconceptions concerning this humanitarian crisis for the citizens of Darfur.  

Over the period of three days, participants worked on the formulation of an outlook concerning the creation of a civil society coalition, specifying its humanitarian and legal vision, and prioritizing activities that the coalition is going to conduct during the next upcoming year on the local, regional or international levels.   This in addition to the activities that are going to be conducted in the individual countries through the organizations, which are members of the coalition. 

The participants agreed to create "The Arab Coalition for Darfur", and its general secretariat will be made up of organizations and founding personalities that participated in the first and second workshops.  The executive secretariat, in the foundation stage, will be, The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists, with the help of five organizations, which are (Social Democratic Forum – Yemen, Al Amal Center to Fight Torture – Sudan, Al Bahrain Center for Human Rights – Bahrain, The National Organization for Human Rights – Syria, and Citizenship Human Rights Organization – Egypt).    

Participants called upon presidents of Arab States to use all their potential, relations and resources to stop the conflict and to ask all involved parties to meet around a negotiation table in an attempt to find a peaceful solution for the problem of Darfur.   

The participants also called upon all parties involved in the armed struggle of Darfur to stop fighting promptly in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum and neighboring cities in an attempt to limit bloodshed and to protect civilians who are not taking part in the fighting.  

At the end of the workshop, the participants expressed their solidarity with the citizens of Darfur in lieu of what they have been subjected to.  They also expressed their support of their human and social rights by calling upon all related parties to seriously and loyally work to protect the citizens of Darfur from the raging struggle, violence and to affect justice and fairness for all inhabitants:

Signed by: 


Representative of the Organization

Name of the Organization


Mr. Haggag Nayel

Arab Program for Human Rights Activists


Mr. Joseph Wol Modesto

Sudan Development Association SDA- Sudan


Mr. Asem Rababa'a

Adalah Center for Human Rights Studies


Dr. Imad Rabie

Equality Center for Democracy Studies and Research – Jordan


Mr. Ma'en Ali Al Beyari

Journalist – U.A.E


Mr. Abdel Hadi Al Khawaja

Al Bahrain Center for Human Rights – Bahrain


Mr. Abdel Nabi Al Ikri

Bahraini Society for Human Rights – Bahrain


Ms. Safia Fahasy

Algerian Coordination Committee of the families of the missing


Dr. Al Baqer Al Afif Mokhtar

Al Khatm Adlan Center for Consultation and Human Development - Sudan


Mr. Kamal Al Jazouli

Lawyer, Writer and Legal Activist

Civil Watch for Human Rights – Sudan


Dr. Najib Najm El Din

Al Amal Center – Sudan





Mr. Zein Al Abdeen Bin Al Tayeb Othman

American African Association to Prohibit Torture – New York





Mr. Hayder Sha'ban

Iraqi Network for Human Rights - Iraq


Dr. Abdel Hussein Sha'ban

Director of Al Baghdadia Channel – Iraq


Mr. Mohammad Yehyia Al Sabri

Rehabilitation and Information Center – Yemen


Mr. Nabil Abdel Hafeez Majed

Democratic Social Forum - Yemen


Ms. Bahyia Mardini

National Organization for Human Rights – Journalist – Syria


Mr. Salem Abdel Hafez Al Faqhi

Libyan Arab Organization for Human Rights - Libya


Mr. Sidi Othman Wld Al Sheikh

Northern League for Democracy Development and Human Rights – Mauritania


Ms. Suheir Abdel Aziz Abbas

Journalist – Al Midan Newspaper – Sudan


Mr. Khalil Ibrahim Al Qattan

Kuwaiti Organization – Kuwait


Ms. Nada Barakat

Arab Network for Human Rights and Legal Assistance - Sudan


Mr. Sherif Zayfer Hilali

Arab Organization for the Support of Civil Society and Human Rights - Egypt


Mr. Imad Ramadan

Arab Organization for the Support of Civil Society and Human Rights - Egypt


Mr. Sherif Azar

Egyptian Democratic Institute for Constitutional and Legal Awareness – Egypt


Ms. Iman Abdel Mo'men

Women Development Forum – Egypt


Mr. Isam El Din Saker

Civil Watch for Human Rights – Egypt


Mr. Ashraf Al Da'da'

National Belonging Organization for Human Rights – Egypt


Mr. Hasan Al Shami

Egyptian Organization for Scientific and Technological Development - Egypt


Dr. Majida Said

Human Rights Supporters Organization - Egypt


Mr. Mahmoud Qandil

Lawyer - Egypt


Mr. Ahmed Al Shemsi

Freedom Radio – Egypt


Ms. Shadia Mohammad Ahmed Bakr

Sudanese Women Organization - Egypt


Mr. Mohammad Kamal Mohammad Farid

Shomo' of Human Rights Welfare - Egypt


Mr. Nabil Abdel Fattah

ِAl Ahram Political and Strategic Center - Egypt


Mr. Mokhtar Qassem

Al Nida' Al Jadeed - Egypt


Ms. Ameenah Al Naqqash

Al Ahali Newspaper - Egypt


Mr. Islam Abul Ainain

Arab Organization for Human Rights - Egypt


Dr. Amani Al Taweel

Consultant, Political and Strategic Studies Center - Egypt


Mr. Shreef Azar

Egyptian Organization for Human Rights - Egypt


Ms. Nouf Sari

League of Arab Women Association – Egypt


Ms. Amal Ahmad Lashin

Lawyer and Activist – Egypt


Mr. Mahmoud Mortada

Center of Alternative Development Studies and Programs - Egypt


Mr. Hani Raslan

Political and Strategic Studies Center - Egypt


Dr. Sad Hgras

Editor in Chief of Alam Yom – Egypt


Mr. George Ishaq

General Secretary of Kefaya Movement - Egypt


Ms. Maryan Makram

Researcher and Translator


ِMr. Abdel Majeed Saleh

Darfur Democratic Platform


Ms. Shadia Mohammad Ahmad

Sudanese Women Organization





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